This section contains frequently asked questions about UrduKit®. If you have any question please do write us!

Unicode Related Questions

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a world standard of data storing. Simply means if your data is in Unicode:

  1. It can be used on maximum number of devices like IPhone, IPad, PC, Tablet, Smart phone etc.
  2. It can work on different operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows, Apple etc.
  3. It can be used in maximum number of software and WebPages

Inpage New version support Unicode then why I need Unicode conversion tool now

There might be several reasons to still use Unicode to Inpage and Inpage to Unicode conversion tools.

  1. If you want to send Inpage files to your publisher, printing press they might not have newer version. Most people still have old Inpage.
  2. If you want to put your Inpage files online so that anyone can use it, only old Inpage format would be usable for all.


Presales Questions

How much I have to pay for UrduKit®

Current Price of UrduKit® is $49.50 for new customers. Returning customers can upgrade their version for $29.30 only.

What is your upgrade policy

  • Upgrade to the same version is free of cost. For example from version 7.00 to version 7.99 you are eligible for free upgrade if you purchased any version in between 7.00-7.99.
  • Each version contains enough module to make its upgrade worthwhile so you can have true value for your money
  • Upgrade to next versions is available at 40% discount price


Do you have discount coupons?

Discount coupons are available to our old customers and our affiliates. Also we announce several discount coupons over the year as per our marketing needs. Please do visit our website for any current promotional offers.

How many Software tools are in this version?

UrduKit® is mega software consisting of several software tools. Current version would have 7 tools at current price. This way you would get almost 7$ per module which makes UrduKit® very cheap and affordable for everyone.

Do you physically ship UrduKit®?

All artwork, 3D boxes and CD wrappers are for illustration purposes only. To save costs and bring latest version to our customers quickly we have opted for electronic distribution only.

Can You Provide Phone Support

Life here is very costly and wages are high. Adding any new person to employee list has several tax and legal consequences also. If we have to provide a 24×7 knowledgeable phone support it might cost us (20$ x 8hr x 3 Persons) (175,200$/year). If we add this to customer’s bill it would increase the product cost many times. So to make things simple and reduce operational costs of UrduKit® we have opted to avoid phone support. We are providing great email support and optimizing the software and documentation constantly to reduce support needs.


I want to purchase UrduKit® but I need only one tool. Either I have other tools or I am not interested in other tools. Is it possible to only buy one tool?

UrduKit® is bundled software. We joined many software tools in to one big toolset so that it is more useful, tools work coherently with one another and cost of ownership is lowered. Because it is a software bundle so it is not technically possible for us to separately sell different modules.

Does UrduKit® work on windows 64 bit

UrduKit® is designed for 32bit windows PC. There are so many different versions of windows with many modules installed that one cannot accurately predict about usability of software on any particular version. Also new versions are always coming. So Trial version of UrduKit® helps here. You can easily check all features of the UrduKit® and decide for yourself whether that it is useful for your particular hardware/software combination or not. This would save any guesswork and support problems.


Can I have a Demo version to test drive the software?

Fully working Demo version is available on our website. We strongly recommend that you download and try UrduKit® before making purchase decision. This way you can make sure UrduKit® is useful for you and it solves your problem. Please use this link to see demo download options